Where to buy inflatable pizza pool floats?

In most occasions, the easiest food that we can think to order is a pizza.

A party or a gathering won’t be complete without it and it is one of the most accessible meals that we can serve on the table.  It is just a matter of hitting the dial-up button on your cellular phone, and in a few minutes, you will hear the door bell ringing and a delivery boy carrying boxes standing in front of your doorstep.

Because the winter is finally over and we are too excited to enjoy the sun, we begin to plan our weekend get away with our families and friends. We usually go to the nearby lake, beach or resorts that have swimming pools that will entice you to take a dip into the water.

Common preparations that we do are the food, the music, clothes and of course, the floaters.

Just like any other floaters, we always wanted something that looks very spectacular and will surely catch the eye of many. These pizza-inspired designs are here to complete your escapade and will guarantee you to give to you the comfort which you absolutely need while enjoying yourself into the water- so check it out!


1. 8 Piece Complete Pizza Pool Float Set

png pizza

8 Piece Complete Pizza Pool Float Set

Going out on a group or with the whole family?

Having this complete set of pizza floaters will definitely keep the whole gang intact even under the water!

This inflatable floater has bungee connectors that can raft all eight (8) slices all together.

It has very realistic prints that make it look like a real pizza on a distance.

It is scratch, fade and corrosion-resistant, which I could guarantee you that is very durable and can withstand long duration of usage.

You may order this through Amazon:

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2. BigMouth Pizza Slice Pool Float

png big

BigMouth Pizza Slice Pool Float

This floater from Bigmouth has a very distinct pepperoni design ideally made for pool parties, or any water events.

Inflatable up to five (5) inches long, this float also includes a complete patch kit.

Colors are very vibrant and look great when dipped into the water.

It is a perfect gift that you can give to your kids or friends.

You may order this through Amazon:


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3. Pizza Slice Pool Float (Set of 2)

Pizza Slice Pool Float (Set of 2)

Pizza Slice Pool Float (Set of 2)

Wanting to have a pizza floaters but would prefer not to buy the entire set?

This is one great deal for you!

Just like the 8-slice pizza, this set of 2 pizza slices has a bungee connector that connects you to your other pair.

This surely wouldn’t feed you but guarantees you great relaxation.

Has a very realistic print that looks mouth-watering into the water.

You may order this through Amazon:

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4. Long Huge Floating Raft Pizza Float

png pizza new


This huge pizza floater has as pepperoni design, big enough to give you immense comfort.

Perhaps, laying in this huge floater may feels like being on a queen size bed.

Inflatable up to five (5) inches long and made of durable material; this floater will definitely complete your day.

You may order this through Amazon:

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