Where to buy watermelon pool floats?





Are you packing your stuff for your weekend getaway? Did you check the shades, the summer hat, the bikinis or the cold beverages? How about the floats? I hope you never neglected that!

When I was young, I always dream to eat a bunch of fruits salads while sitting in front of the beach as I watch all my friends swimming on the water. I know this may sound silly but yeah, fruits are best instrument to remind me of the warm days of summer.

We are always fascinated to the vibrant fruity colors. It is very mouth-watering and makes us so eager to have more.  Fruits can also be used as a form of refreshment too. We can mix multiple fruits and make a very colorful dessert.

However, not everyone loves to eat fruits and this is why I am encouraging you to buy these colorful giant melon float that I’ll be sharing later on, to visually promote to kids the benefits of making fruits as part of their regular diet.

And since it is the perfect time for us to do sunbathing and soak ourselves into the water, having a fruity-inspired melon float must be an essential part of your list!

1. BigMouth Giant Watermelon Pool Float



BigMouth Giant Watermelon Pool Float


BigMouth has always been known of its novelty line of products, which are quality made with guaranteed durability.

Shaped like a donut, this melon float is expandable up to four (4) feet and is made of premium vinyl which doesn’t get damaged easily. It has the ability to hold up until 200 lbs and will definitely provide you immense comfort as you use it.

This is also very handy and very easy to inflate or deflate. Also, this won’t take too much space for storage.

You may order this through Amazon:

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2. Swimline Watermelon Slice


Swimline Watermelon Raft

Swimline Watermelon Raft

This melon raft is quite different from the earlier that I had mentioned. When it comes to the shape, this float is shaped like a sliced melon. More spacious and just like the previous design, the material used for this float is very durable and does not tear off easily.

The details of the print and design looks so real that even in the water you may mistakenly thought of a real giant watermelon floating.

You may order this through Amazon:

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