Where to buy inflatable unicorn pool float?

During the Renaissance period, unicorns are often depicted as a white-horse or goat-like animal with a long spiral horn that symbolizes purity and grace. This may just be a mythical figure but it is undeniable that unicorns had left a remarkable impact even up until this present time.

Because summer is coming anytime soon, we tend to look for innovative floats that have very unconventional designs. We are tired with the plain and ordinary, and admit it- we wanted something different and that will surely caught the eye of many.

png tile unicorn

I did mention a lot of pool floats design previously, but I still have more that can complete to your pool float collection.

For today, I’ll show you where you can get that cuddly giant inflatable unicorn pool float.



1. SoloFleet Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float


uni png 2

SoloFleet Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Your party will surely never go out of style when you have this unicorn inflatable float! A great accessory for your pool party and absolutely spacious enough to offer you immense relaxation.

It has a weight capacity up to 140 lbs and can expand up to 2.7 meters long. Very easy to inflate and deflate and you can take it wherever you may go.

One of its highlight features is the large surface area wherein you can lay across and relax under the sunshine.This is good for kids, teenager, and adults and for the whole family. Surely, you will have the great fun with everyone!

As part of their disclaimer, this float is not a lifesaving float. So, never leave child unattended and only use product with adult supervision.

You may order this product through Amazon:

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Let me remind you that floats are just few of the accessories that you need to prepare for any pool party or water event. We should not forget to take into account the other aspects like food, beverages, music, themes and also party games. If you are having a hard time getting all things done, feel free to check other blogs that we have here in Cadlove. :)

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