Where to buy giant pretzel pool floats?



Winter is finally over and we are getting so busy preparing ourselves in our weekend getaway with our families and friends. Since most of us would love to go to the beach or nearby lake, having a cool float is a must!

In my previous blogs, I provided you list of donut, pizza and beer pong table that you can as you take a plunge into the water. This time it’s my turn to help you in your hunt for the best pretzel float in town.

Pretzels always remind me of my favorite snack during my kindergarten years.  I can vividly remember how delightful it was and how that cute twisted knot turned out to be a gorgeous ring on my finger.

Now, it is my turn to share to you and to your kids how that little pretzel can be an instrument that can take you back to your best childhood memories- so grab a giant pretzel float now!



1. Swimline Giant Pretzel Float


A gigantic pretzel knot that can house up to three (3) kids, this float is made of high quality vinyl material that can guarantee long-term usage.

With a diameter of sixty (60) inches, the color is very similar to a real life pretzel knot. It is very easy to assemble and you may bring it anywhere you want to go.

Surely, this will bring so much fun for the kids and will definitely remain crisp even under the water.

You may order this though Amazon:

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2. Giant Pretzel Float by Swim Central


Giant Pretzel Float by Swim Central

Giant Pretzel Float by Swim Central

Identical from the first pretzel float that I had mentioned, this float is also made of heavy duty vinyl material and also has a dimension of sixty (60) inches.

Can fit up to three (3) persons and advised for kids 4 years and above.

Guaranteed brand new and has a 30 day warranty against factory defects. (Note: warranty does not cover tear, rips or holes.)

You may order this through Amazon:

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