Where to buy Flamingo Inflatable Pool Floats?

Flamingo Floats

Flamingo has always been associated to elegance and tranquility- very mystique and unlike any other birds; they do not compete for any attention. Not everyone knows that this beautiful creature is believed to be the premise behind the phoenix- that signifies the ability to rise up with grace after a downfall. It is also symbol […]

Where to buy swan inflatable pool floats?


Swan is a symbol of grace and elegance. No wonder that it is often used in comparison when someone had a total transformation – just like what usually happens on fairytales. Known to be timid and shy, swans represent inner grace and equilibrium. When a person is being compared to an attitude of a swan, […]

Where to buy watermelon pool floats?


      Are you packing your stuff for your weekend getaway? Did you check the shades, the summer hat, the bikinis or the cold beverages? How about the floats? I hope you never neglected that! When I was young, I always dream to eat a bunch of fruits salads while sitting in front of […]

Where to buy giant pretzel pool floats?


  Winter is finally over and we are getting so busy preparing ourselves in our weekend getaway with our families and friends. Since most of us would love to go to the beach or nearby lake, having a cool float is a must! In my previous blogs, I provided you list of donut, pizza and […]